It's People First, Analytics Second

Guide and protect your workforce with clear and actionable predictive analytics.

Banking and Financial Cooperative

“TrenData has allowed Educators Credit Union to see the health of our workforce in a single view. The analytics and metrics provide the insight to make informed decisions going forward. We know we’ve only scratched the surface of what we can do with TrenData.”

Peter Stein
Chief People Officer
Educators Credit Union

Regional Healthcare Provider

“The implementation of TrenData instantly gave us a leg up on managing our workforce. The clearly rendered metrics and analytics provided the insights to make the right people decisions to affect our bottom line. The support TrenData provided was terrific.”

Leonard Ratley
Executive Vice President

Large Healthcare Provider

“TrenData allows us to bring all our disparate data together for clear and actionable predictive analytics.”

Megan Hoang
HRIS and Analytics Manager
MemorialCare Health

National Equipment Service Provider

“DuraServ is extremely pleased with the choice of TrenData as our people analytics solution. We are no longer reactive in the use of our HR data, but are able to take action daily and be ahead of the curve in all of our people and workforce decisions.”

Linda Brown
Director of Human Resources
DuraServ Corporation

Global Technology and Services

“TechGenies is very happy with the business advantages that TrenData’s People Analytics solution has provided us. Being able to visualize the health of our global workforce while keeping track of numerous HR and Finance metrics all from one dashboard is a game changer for TechGenies.”

Ahmad Al-Amine
Chief Executive Officer

Easy to Use Dashboards That Don’t Require Experts to Interpret Data and Plan Future Scenarios.

Trend metrics to see the patterns, then drill down to find anomalies. Once you know why things are happening, you can plan and course correct for a better future.


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